Uncovering The Benefits of Fish Oil

fish oilMost people are aware of the fact that fish oil helps your digestion and reduces inflammation. However, you might not realize that it also improves other aspects of your health, such as brain functionality, fat burning and bone density. These less well known benefits of fish oil are listed below, along with some advice on how to ensure that you consume enough every day:

Counteracts the Aging Process

Data indicates that shortening of the telomere (i.e. DNA on the tips of the chromosomes) can hinder cellular regeneration and stem cell operation, which causes rapid aging. In 2010, a trial demonstrated a connection between the level of fish oil in the blood and the speed of telomere shortening, during a five year period. This suggests that omega 3 fatty acids have a protective effect. At California University, in San Francisco, researchers evaluated over 600 coronary heart disease sufferers, and discovered that telomeres were longer in patients with high levels of fish derived omega-3 acid in their blood. Including fish like salmon in your diet a couple of times per week will increase your omega-3 consumption considerably.

Helps Pregnant Women and Unborn Babies

Oil from fish is extremely useful for expectant mothers, because this oil contains DHA which helps the brain and eyes of the baby to develop. Also, it reduces the likelihood of a low birth weight, a miscarriage or a premature birth. Danish researchers studied over 8000 pregnant women, and discovered that diets with small quantities of fish led to a bigger risk of preterm or premature babies.

Furthermore, it is thought that women who fail to consume enough DHA and EPA in their diets often become depressed after giving birth. This is because a certain quantity of brain tissue is transferred to the baby from the mother, during the latter stages of pregnancy. In addition, expectant mothers who take fish oil supplements tend to bear children with better coordination. Therefore, it is highly advisable to consume this oil by either eating fish, or by consuming pills, tablets or capsules while pregnant. This will enhance both the mother’s well being and the child’s development. Nonetheless, it is important to note that oil derived from fish liver, such as cod liver oil, ought to be avoided during pregnancy, because this oil contains vitamin A and retinol.

Improves Memory and Brain Power

Scientists have discovered positive links between brain functionality and fish oil supplements, along with brain structure variations between non users and users of these supplements. The people who took these supplements tended to exhibit superior cognitive functioning throughout the study, in comparison to those who didn’t. The most important discovery though, is that a clear link between brain density and oil from fish was identified, in two crucial areas used in thinking and memory (the hippocampus and cerebral cortex). That is to say, this oil was linked to reduced brain shrinkage in people consuming these supplements. Essentially, a diet with insufficient omega-3 fatty acids might cause the brain to age quicker. This could mean that you lose some of your thinking capabilities and memory. Including this with your other daily supplements will protect the health of your brain over the years.

Benefits of Fish Oil

Enhance bone health

As far as bone density goes, vitamin D and magnesium should not be the only supplements you use. Research indicates that fish oil on its’ own, or with evening primrose oil and calcium, appears to reduce the degree of bone decay and boost bone density in the spine and on the femur (thigh bone) in older people suffering from osteoporosis. As well as the supplements mentioned above, make sure that you perform a standard strength training workout to combat osteoporosis.

Enhance fat Burning

Peter Howe’s team at South Australia University studied the impact of exercise and diet on the body, and discovered that exercise and fish oil capsules made for an effective fat loss formula. Throughout the study, obese and overweightFresh fish adults with a high risk of heart failure and metabolic syndrom, consumed omega-3 fish oil each day, in conjunction with mild cardiovascular exercise three times per week for three months. Body fat levels, especially stomach fat, were substantially lowered in the group that consumed exercised and fish oil, but not in the groups who exercised or used fish oil in isolation. This indicates the anti inflammatory advantages of EPA, the insulin sensitizing DHA, and the fat burning advantages of both make selecting a supplement containing substantial quantities of each a wise idea.

One teaspoon or three capsules of good quality fish oil should be taken with food twice each day for healthy skin, weight loss, reduced inflammation, and the added benefits outlined above. Every capsule is roughly 900 to 1000 mg. Add the EPA to the DHA and make sure it equals at least fifty percent of the capsule’s contents.

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