Turning Your Farm Organic is Your Best Choice

Organic farming is becoming more reliable to small gardeners as well as large ones. Farms who adapt organic planting do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Any size garden can be organic. Even a small planting and harvesting of good, clean, high fiber foods and flowers will add more nutrition to the average diet. Depending on the variety of flowers, they can reduce harmful bugs, insects and beetles from the vegetables and fruits.

Large farms can grow organic foods, such as; grains, produce, meat, dairy, eggs, cotton and processed food products. Certified organic refers to products grown to a specific standard. The USDA accredits particular state and private organizations to check on organic farms annually. These inspections cover organic water systems, farm fields and processing systems. Organic foods are minimally processed. All organic products must keep the integrity of the standards by not using synthetic agrochemicals and irradiation, as well as any genetic engineering.

Why does the public prefer organic foods? For one reason, they are more nutritious, adding more fiber and natural vitamins. Since a study completed last year, it has become known that organic foods contain more antioxidents than synthetically fertilized foods.

Another reason is weight loss. Any time you can eat better and lose weight, (if that is your goal) it is a good idea. Organic fruits and vegetables are typically smaller. This means bite for bite, you get twelve percent better, healthy, multifaceted elements. Organic foods are more nutrient dense, and thereby more satisfying, keeping ones stomach full longer. Food additives and chemicals can actually cause food craving, edema (water retention) and weight gain. Some food additives trigger allergies also.

Europe is ahead of the United States in organic food farming. No factory farming or genetically modified crops are allowed. There are fewer overweight people living in Europe because of this. One American doctor in particular recognizes the European organic diet that includes the following; saturated fat, organic fruits and vegetables and protein from organic, grass fed meat and wild caught fish. He believes a low-fat diet encourages type two diabetes, arthritis and memory loss. It is attributed to dry skin, wrinkles and broken nails.

Organic foods taste better, are more nutritious and safer for everyone. When synthetic pesticides and toxins are allowed in our foods, people are less likely to eat the healthiest diet. Organic, nitrogen rich fertilizers are very expensive. Thus, farmers do not go overboard when using them to assist in growing organic crops. It is better for consumers. Fruits and vegetables have more healthy plant elements with this cultivating method. Flavonols, reversitols, vitamins and antioxidants are the combination of essentials to help with weight loss in organic foods. Pesticides will reduce the natural reversitrol (it keeps one feeling full) in plants. Flavonols stabilize blood sugar.

Research indicates some organic fruits and vegetables contain up to forty percent more antioxidants that conventional farm raised food types. A non-profit organizations research indicates when pregnant women eat conventional produce while carrying a child, it can affect the child’s weight later. Chemical pesticides are linked to increased body fat, increased body mass numbers and abdominal fat in children. During the first two years of life, pesticide silt changes genes and causes weight gain throughout the child’s life.

Pesticide and toxin experts disagree. However, is it worth the risk? Organic foods may be more expensive but will protect our health and assist us in weight loss. We only have this one life, we deserve the best health. It actually takes less organic food to fill one’s stomach, and to become satisfied. The beneficial vitamins and minerals keep one healthy.

Organic foods help a body burn fat faster while improving skin tone and boosts the immune system. Lifting metabolism rates is another plus to organic foods. You do not have to eat less to lose weight with organic foods. Choose all colors of vegetables and eat all you want. Enjoy salads and fruits any time, especially in the late afternoon when you really need a boost. Instead of eating a bag of potato chips, have three cups of fresh strawberries. The berries have less calories and a more satisfying taste, and fill you up. Or instead of a can of soda, have a nice bunch of grapes. You can eat a lot of produce for less calories, a more satiated feeling and keeps you full longer.

When you change your diet to organic foods, you will not only be losing weight the healthy way, you will be reducing the risk of many diseases. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you include fresh, crisp organic fruits and vegetables in your diet, the simpler it will be. Letting go of chips, desserts and candy will become easier. There are no limits when you eat wholesome organic foods. Less is more when you enjoy foods fresh from the garden or meats right from the farm