Suzanne Somers Diet: Super Weight Loss

Suzanne Somers Diet planWhen it comes to the Suzanne Somers diet program, there are lots and lots of positive testimonials online from happy weight loss fans proclaiming this a proven method for keeping extra pounds off for good. In fact, the great thing about the Somers weight loss scheme is there are more pros than cons, and it is easy to follow. Meanwhile, there is a view from top nutrition experts that what Somers outlines in her user friendly weight loss plan is both efficient and effective for dropping pounds that will not return thanks to this unique approach to balancing weight loss with daily exercise.

Another aspect of the Suzanne Somers diet recommendations is linked to common sense when it comes to the act of “thinking what you are consuming” before eating. In other words, Somers asks weight loss fans to be “mindful” of what they eat, when they eat and how they eat. Meanwhile, this famed celebrity is bullish on eating “live” foods and making exercise a part of one’s day-to-day lifestyle. While this is not easy, she offers lots of proven methods that are actually fun to follow when eating or participating in an exercise program.

Suzanne Somers diet works wonders

The great thing about the Suzanne Somers weight loss plan is its simple to follow. While there are many pros and cons to any diet plan, what’s really unique about the Somers tips for dropping extra pounds is it does not limit caloric intake. In fact, Somers puts the focus on daily exercise while eating what she dubs as “correct foods” in “correct combinations” so as to reduce both carbs and sugars.

Meanwhile, those who do not know Somers are surprised that she is a famed TV actress and not a typical health guru hawking some weight loss scheme. She is credited for making her roles as “Chrissy” in the hit ABC sitcom “Three’s Company” one of the top television comedies of all time. Fans of Three’s Company recall how “fit and trim” Somers appeared in the show that fan from 1977 to 1981. She is also known for promoting the interesting work-out device known as “Thigh-Master,” while also promoting ways and means for men and women to sort out their digestion and metabolism issues with a “natural” diet that puts more emphasis on “what you eat,” than “how much you eat.”

Suzanne Somers Diet is all about fresh foods

There is a view from Somers that once you eliminate starches and sugars the rest of dieting is more or less easy to accomplish. She is bullish on removing what she calls as “funky foods” from one’s diet because white sugar and overly processed foods create what this Hollywood star views as “diabetes mellitus.” She says this is produces a serious health condition that creates serious problems in one’s body due to issues with hormone insulin that results in both adult onset and juvenile onset diabetes simply because one eats the wrong foods.

Best foods are natural foods

While Somers views eating as a natural for many people, it is “un-natural” to eat foods that are overly processed. In turn, she credits regular exercise as the best way and means to remove the allure of tempting sugars from causing one to break a “diet” or simply give up. Somers is all about discipline and doing the right thing when it comes to eating foods that promote one’s natural fat burning abilities.

The TV star says she discovered the solution to dieting as simply paying attention to one’s own body when it comes to “feeling” either healthy or not healthy. She says when you “feel” unhealthy it’s nature’s way of telling you that you need to exercise and eat less. She also believes that taking in fewer calories is a good common sense approach to losing weight.

Getting healthy with Somers tips

While the Suzanne Somers diet is fun to follow, it is not easy. For example, the diet requires all men or women to come to Suzanne Somers Diet tipsterms with “why” they eat certain foods. This may sound like common sense, but she thinks many people simply eat to eat; while not considering the high amount of fats, sugars and salt they are consuming. The result is people eating really bad foods that are simply “junk.” Somers says this “junk food” needs to be cut out of one’s diet or it will destroy all the hard work of daily exercise and other efforts.

Overall, Somers talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to offering a unique approach to weight loss based on her year’s of research into “why” we gain weight. The result is a refreshing look at the human mind and body when it comes to the important choices that dieters make on a daily basis that can make them healthy or not.

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