Stevia Powder: Benefits And Uses

stevia powderIf you could have your cake and eat it, would that transform the way you looked at food and drink? It seems like some kind of fantasy for someone to suggest you can eat cookies, cupcakes, bars, and sweet drinks yet not consume an ounce of sugar. As a diabetic these things might have been cut off from your diet for a long time. Imagine foods which are as tasty as you remember yet with lower calories than they used to contain and which do not harm your pancreas. This could be your experience with Stevia powder.

Stevia Powder at the Supermarket

Since its introduction to the general public several years ago, Stevia has turned up in many products you can buy over the counter. They include cakes, bars, protein drinks, meal replacement foods, and sodas. Stevia powder is also sold in bulk form, in sachets, and offered at restaurants and cafes where you can add it to coffee or tea in preference to sugar. While replacing sugar with stevia does not eliminate negative attributes of processed foods made with flour or of high-fat foods, at least you can cut back on the calories you consume and potentially save your teeth from decay too.

Contrast Stevia with Regular Sugar

Regular soda contains several teaspoons of sugar, dissolved into carbonated water where you cannot see it but are certain to taste it. Consumers often fool themselves into thinking a sugary drink is not bad for them: it’s not real food after all. They don’t even count the calories. Sugar in liquid form, however, contains many calories, is terrible for your teeth, causes yeast infections, irregular blood sugar levels, and more. Even if there is real fruit juice in a drink but also plenty of sugar, you aren’t doing your body any good.

Cutting Back on Sugar for Health

Diabetics have to cut back on or eliminate their intake of sugar, so they generally avoid colas and lemon-lime soft drinks. Sugary snacks cause people to feel energetic for a short time, energy which is frequently followed by a crash. Consumers who long for chocolate and sweets either have to say no or pay the consequences of eating what they know is bad for them. Processed sugar is addictive: no wonder people have yearned for something better. What a relief that they can now choose a healthy alternative.


For years, the alternatives to sugar have been abstinence or artificial sweeteners. These synthetic sugars taste strange and scientists suspect they are also dangerous when consumed regularly. They have theorized that aspartame and associated products contribute to all kinds of disorders and diseases, including cancer. Meanwhile, natural sugars such as honey, maple syrup, and agave are still just that: sugars. They are also bad for one’s teeth, contain lots of calories, and negatively impact the health of diabetics. Even though these natural alternatives possess good properties such as antioxidants, they are often misrepresented as health foods. The only other option is to go without sugar until the foods and drinks you love best are simply out of reach.

Safety of Stevia Powder

By comparison with aspartame and natural sugar, Stevia is considered completely safe. It is a natural product created in a plant and found in its leaves. Native people have been eating and enjoying this plant for centuries but, like a lot of the healthiest foods we know, western society took a long time to discover its benefits.

steviaOn sites which promote and sell this product, the benefits of Stevia powder go beyond its use as an alternative to toxic sugar replacements or the opportunity to consume tasty foods once more. Reports indicate that Stevia can reduce symptoms created by conditions like acne, diabetes, and high blood pressure. You are no longer merely preventing trouble but potentially healing your body a little at a time.

So, there is more to the story than merely enjoying sweet food safely once more. You could be doing your body and teeth a world of good by switching to this natural product which contains virtually no calories. Unlike other forms of sugar, Stevia is not addictive either. Science has not uncovered any negatives in relation to Stevia such as changes in brain chemistry which could lead to cravings, reliance, a blood sugar imbalance, etc. Unless you are one of the few unfortunate people who react badly to this wonder of nature, there is no reason to avoid good food anymore.

Buy Stevia

Lots of places sell nature’s wonderful sweetener and sugar replacement. You can buy it at virtually every health food store in powdered or liquid form, individual sachets, or bulk. It is sold in foods such as cereals, meal replacement powders, and vitamin supplements. Order your supply today from online vendors and pay less for pure Stevia. A little goes a long way, one more benefit of switching to Stevia.

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