Sacred Heart Diet: 7 Day Plan

sacred heart diet soupWith the Sacred Heart diet, the dieter follows a particular food guide every day for seven days. This guide is in conjunction with a sacred heart soup that has recipe specially prepared for this diet plan. It is effective for cleaning out impurities from the body. All you need is seven days to achieve a lighter feeling and become more energetic. At least 10 pounds will be lost if this diet is strictly followed.

Just like the Cabbage Soup Diet, dieters are allowed to consume as much Sacred Heart soup as they want as long as they follow the meal plan. The soup has very low calories but will not leave you starving.

The Soup

The soup is the heart of this diet plan. You have to eat it every time you feel hungry without adding many calories.

Below is the most common Sacred Heart Soup recipe:

– One can of stewed tomatoes
– Three large green onions
– One large can of fat-free beef or chicken broth
– One pack of chicken noodle soup mix
– One bunch celery
– Two cans of green beans
– 2 pounds of carrots
– Two green peppers

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and put in a soup pot. Add water and boil for at 10 minutes over medium heat. Do not overcook the vegetables. You may add salt and pepper to taste. Other recipes allow dieters to a bouillon and Worcestershire sauce.

While on this diet plan, the following are the only allowed drinks:

– Herbal tea
– Unsweetened coffee
– Cranberry juice and other unsweetened juices
– Skim milk
At least eight glasses a day

Make sure that you do not take alcoholic drinks and carbonated beverages during the 7-day diet program. It will ruin what you have started.

Sacred Heart Diet 7-Day Easy Meal Plan

The first Day is fruits day. You can take any fruits except bananas. Choose those with lower calories like watermelon. Take only soup and fruit on this day.

The second day on sacred heart diet is the vegetable day: Satisfy yourself with any fresh or cooked vegetables. Choose green leafy and avoid corn, peas and beans. Take baked potato and butter at dinner time. Do not eat fruits for today. Do not starve yourself, eat soup.

Third Day is fruit and vegetables day. You can eat fruits and vegetables this day except baked potato. Eat soup whenever you want it.

banana and milkThe fourth day is banana and skim milk day. You can only consume at least three bananas and skim milk today, and no other vegetables are allowed. These will help your body take its much-needed potassium, carbohydrates, protein and calcium. Do not forget to take soup even if you are not hungry.

The fifth day is beef and tomato day. You are allowed to eat beef (10 to 20 ounces) and fresh tomatoes (6 pieces) today. You may opt for a can of tomatoes if fresh ones are not available. Take your soup at least once or twice this day.

The sixth day on sacred heart diet is beef and vegetable day. Eat as much beef and vegetables as you want today. Choose green leafy vegetables, baked potato is not allowed. Your soup is still important on this day.

The seventh day is like feast day to dieters. You are allowed to eat brown rice, vegetables and unsweetened fruit juice as your beverage. Do not forget to eat your soup on your last day of diet program.

Expect that by the end of the 7th day, you have lost at least 10 pounds. You can repeat the steps again for the next seven days. However, if you lose at least 7 pounds, do not resume this diet plan again right away. You can start again after two days.


Even if you are not hungry, eat the soup to stay active the whole day. Do not starve yourself. You can eat as much soup as you want.
Drink at least eight glasses of water. It will help you flush the toxins from your body quickly.

Do not cheat. Follow the 7-day steps faithfully to see great results.

The Benefits and Precautions of Sacred Heart Diet

You can see results right away even without exercise. On day 3, you will feel that you are already losing weight. With follow sacred heart dietjust a few more days of sacrifices, you will gain much energy and lose even more weight. These can also help in changing your unhealthy lifestyle.

For some people, this diet program is easy. However, for some who do not like the soup recipe, it is difficult to follow. It is an extreme weight loss program where if not recommended by a health professional, it might cause a problem. This diet program is not recommended to everyone, especially to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers even if they are overweight. It is also risky for people who have vitamins and mineral deficiencies.

The Sacred Heart diet can be effective to some, but not to all. Ask a medical practitioner if this program fits you to avoid risks.

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