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Choosing a juicer is not as simple as it seems at first glance. More than just reviewing the power of the motor in the machine, there are many other factors to weigh. Juicers vary in the basic type they are and in the quality of their design. Usually, the best one will depend on the reasons for purchasing the product, some models being better suited for particular needs than other. This best juicer online buying guide will help you to find the products that might meet your specific requirements.

Operational Qualities

A good place to begin is to inspect potential purchases for a few particular qualities. Ease of use, for example, is important in the selection process. First, the machine should be simple to assemble in preparation for juicing, and fumbling of complicated parts should be at minimum. The parts should also be easy to clean and put back into their proper place after usage. A convenient design for storage is another desired feature. If a machine consumes more space than necessary, it becomes an inconvenient gadget in the kitchen.

The size of the feeder tube is a consideration that some buyers overlook. With a larger tube, the user can fit bigger pieces of produce into the machine. This eliminates unnecessary chopping and slicing by hand, making a juicer even more handy to use.

Something else to examine is the cord length. If a cord is too short, it limits options for positioning on the counter. It can be especially awkward if usage on a short cord means being limited to counter space under a shelf. Shoppers will also want to look at the juice container included. A generous container means a bigger batch of juice at each session.

Extra containers might be a bonus, but they should not come at the expense of other specifications. Multiple speeds, for example, are valued in a centrifugal juicer for the flexibility the user has in preparing juices to the desired consistency.

Shoppers might also want to consider the importance of the amount of juice yielded when reviewing systems to buy. Juicers that produce a wet pulp will not have a juice yield as high as products that generate a dry pulp. Convenient pulp ejection is also a quality worth investigating. Continuous pulp ejection is particularly helpful. On the whole, the overall value of the juicer will be determined by comparing the features against the prices of the juicers.

Two Major Juicer Types

With an understanding of the specifications that might matter most, shoppers then must determine which type of juicer to buy. One is called a centrifugal juicer. With this type, the juice is separated from the pulp by the centrifugal force of the cutting motion. These types are less costly, but with a smaller and less nutrient-rich yield of juice.

Cold press juicers are often called masticating juicers because of the chewing motion that compresses the produce and squeezes the juice from the fruits and vegetables. They work well with a variety of leafy greens, and the low speeds preserve nutrients and enzymes in the produce. As a result, cold pressing juicer models might be desired if the aim is  higher quality juices with the most nutrients possible. Although the cold press types are typically seen as more sophisticated juicers, quality models are available in both types.

Centrifugal Juicers

breville fountain compact juicerBreville Compact Juice Fountain is an affordable centrifugal juicer that should satisfy the needs of consumers looking to get started with juicing or who are not yet committed to it as a lifestyle. It features an ample 700-watt motor that operates at 14,000 RPM. Though compact and convenient to use and store, it also boasts of a large feed tube, making it possible to process large pieces of fruit and vegetables. Price range for this juicer is $90 – $100






breville fountain plusBreville Juice Fountain Plus is another affordable centrifugal model that is well-suited to consumers who are new to juicing. It has an 850-watt motor, the same large feed tube as in the compact model, and dual speeds of 6,500 and 12,000 RPM. As with the compact, the parts on this Juice Fountain are dishwasher safe, and the pricing is in the attractive $125 range.





Cold Press Juicers

breville fountain crushThe pricing on Breville Fountain Crush originally hovered around $600, but today’s savvy shoppers can find this item for as low as $250.
The juicer is designed to fit well on a counter top, and it has a convenient bin for pulp. Like other cold press types, this model operates quietly and at low speeds that create frothy and thick juices. Users of this juicer should expect juice that leaves a little more pulp than many centrifugal juicers.






Dual-Gear Juicers

green star eliteFor consumers who are serious about juicing as a lifestyle, Green Star GSE-5000 Elite is a model worthy of consideration. Among its many features, this Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor boasts an automatic pulp-ejection function. It is a complete mastication product, which means it will yuild juice with the maximum amount of nutrients preserved. In this process juice is extracted with minimal pulp.




Why Breville Juicers?

Breville Juicers are considered the most technologically advanced and according to most – the best juicers you can buy online today. They possess about 20 percent of total juicer market share. “Food For Thought” and “We’re Food Thinkers” – the taglines used by Breville aptly describes their thoroughness with blenders. In particular, with well thought out features and a compact yet ergonomic design. Whether you are part-time juicing or on some hard-core juicing diet, Breville Juicers will meet your every need.


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